Hey there! This time we are going to show you how to make Guacamole! Everybody loves Guacamole. You’ll need avocados, some fresh Cilantro, lime, some green onions, jalapeno and some salt. There’s so many different variations of Guacamole, some put tomatoes on guacamole and white onions. People think that tomatoes in guacamole is a major NO! Tomatoes have so much moisture and liquid in them that, as it sits with the avocado mixture, it splits, there’s a liquid around the edges and people usually don’t like it. Its better if Guacamole is smooth and creamy. So this is the recipe of that super-duper Guacamole! You better use some good quality avocados. Make sure they are nice and soft, because with hard avocados won’t work.

So here’s what you need to do – you should cut the avocado in half and then you take the spoon and take all the insides out. Some people take the seed with a knife, but this can be really dangerous, because it’s very slippery, so we suggest you to take it out with a spoon and keep your fingers safe. Next, you’ll have to mix the avocado, just take a fork and press it until it gets creamy. After you mesh it up, put it aside and juice the lime right over it. If you like citrus you can put a lot of lime inside the mixture, but it depends on you, whether you like a lot of citrus flavor or not. The lime acid prevents avocados from turning brown. The brown avocado tastes the same but it doesn’t look the same. Everybody likes green Guacamole, not brown. Mix lime juice with the avocados and then start chopping green onions.  Put chopped onions in the avocado mixture.

Next, you will need to chop up the Cilantro. Cilantro is a special ingredient – some people really love it and some people just hate it, so if you don’t like it just don’t add it, but still Cilantro is an important ingredient. Now, it’s time for Jalapeno. You can buy them in every supermarket. Usually they are super spicy. You should cut it in half, take the seeds out, chop the base of the Jalapeno and put it in the guacamole mixture. Last thing is adding some salt. Avocado needs a lot of salt, because it adds a lot of flavor to it, so that makes salt one of the major ingredients.

That’s it!  You’re done!  Your Guacamole is ready to serve and here’s a little tip if you want to save it for later. Maintaining the green color of avocado is important. You can put the avocado seed inside the Guacamole and it won’t turn brown. Some say it’s a myth, some say it works, but Hey, just try.
It’s simple to do, it’s absolutely delicious and it takes few minutes to prepare.

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