Today we are going to make a classic chicken Marsala recipe and we are going to show you how easy it is. This has been one popular recipe on websites lately. We are going to need some thin cut chicken cutlets, in addition to that, you will need some flour, garlic, some portabella mushrooms, fresh chopped parsley, butter, Marsala wine, chicken broth and some salt.

So we are just going to start by getting our olive oil hot. While the oil is getting hot, you will need to put some salt and pepper on your chicken cutlets and it’s better to use black pepper. Next, you will need to put the chicken in the flour, use both sides and once you are done with that, just shake it a little bit, so all the extra flour comes off.

Now put the chicken cutlets on the frying pen, wait for 3-4 minutes for each side, but it also depends on how thin the cutlets are. If they are thin, then 3-4 minutes will do the thing, if they are thick wait a little longer. Once the chicken is ready on both sides, take them out of the pen and put it on the plate. Keep the pen the way it was and just add a little bit of oil, you are going to need that fried chicken flavor to make a sauce. Put garlic on the pen, it should turn to a golden color. Now, add your mushrooms and little bit of salt and the water will come out of the mushrooms. Mushrooms should become nice and soft, which means it is time to add ½ cups of Marsala wine. Wait until all the alcohol vapes out. The only way to know is to smell it, if you don’t smell any sign of alcohol, then it’s all gone. Now add chicken broth. If you think that the mixture became too “liquidy”, just wait a few minutes and it will reduce.

Once the mixture is reduced, we are going to thicken it up. Add couple table spoons of butter and lower the heat just a little bit. Next add 1 table spoon of flour, it will help the sauce to thicken up. Stir the flour and butter in and you will see the beautiful velvety texture. Once the sauce is ready, add chicken cutlets but not for too long, because the chicken is cooked already. Add some fresh parsley on top and there you go, your chicken marsala is ready to serve. Enjoy!

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