KONA Flower and Coffee is a shop located in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia. We have 2 locations: Petre Melikishvili Ave.23 and David Aghmashenebeli Ave. 148.

KONA (კონა) is a Georgian word and is roughly translated as a bunch of flowers.

KONA Flower and Coffee offers its costumers high quality flowers and plants. We make sure that our clients receive all the information needed to take care of the plants they buy.

At KONA Flower and Coffee you can also purchase in house crafted pottery items, bags and various accessories. There is no set list of the things you can find at KONA, as there are no single set of things you could find in one’s home. Anything that feels like it belongs, can someday find itself on our shelves.

During our working hours, we also serve Italian coffee and delicious pastry made using our recipes.

Here at Kona23.com you will find some of our products that can be purchased online as well as at our physical store.

KONA Diaries is a designated segment for our blog posts where you will find some of our works, some stories and lots of information for plant lovers.