Before we start talking about these Brussels sprouts and before we discuss its value, let’s talk about vegetables generally. We all remember those childhood years when mom used to tell us that we should eat our broccoli and we were not allowed to leave the dinner table until the plate was empty. All we wanted was to go outside or play video games with our friends, but those vegetables were our number one enemy. It didn’t matter how tasty the dinner was, the nasty broccoli in the end used to ruin everything. As a child we did not understand how important it was to eat healthy. Fruits were okay, but eating vegetables was a torture. They tasted awful, smelled weird and the word “healthy” did not really attract the kids.

Do you remember the show called “The PowerPuff Girls”? They even made the episode where the city was invaded by broccoli aliens. The parents were paralyzed, because of the broccoli consumption, but the kids were okay and they were the only ones who could save the city from these alien invaders. This episode was an anti-ad for the vegetables, but it sure was funny and pretty popular among kids and it’s not hard to guess why. Even teenagers did not like the vegetables, but today everything has changed. Healthy lifestyle has become “the thing”. Gyms are full of young people. Their morning starts with healthy fruit shakes and vegetables. Most of them are following this healthy lifestyle because it’s trendy now and not because they want it to, but Hey, that doesn’t matter, as long as you follow the rules and eat healthy, you will get the result, even if you don’t enjoy the whole process. But today we are not going to talk about the gym exercises, let’s get back to our delicious Brussels Sprouts.

The whole reason we discussed the healthy lifestyle, is that consuming vegetables are really important if you decide to live a healthy life. Our sprouts can be eaten in many different ways, but today we are going to cook them in oil. Yes, I know what are you thinking right now – How the hell is that healthy? Well, Brussels sprouts are vegetables, so a little bit of oil won’t spoil them. The oil is just going to make it even more interesting and delicious.

You are also going need some other ingredients to prepare that meal, so it’s not just bunch of sprouts on a pen, fried in olive oil. This is some kind of a side dish that can be made very easily and fast. It looks different and can transform any boring dinner table into an interesting one. There are a lot of people that just hate any kind of vegetables and prefer to eat meat all the time. It’s really hard to impress this kind of person if your dinner table doesn’t offer him meat, but these Brussels sprouts can be the solution. They are fried so any one will try them. Sprouts are not the most popular type of vegetables and in most situations, people eat them raw. Even in raw condition, they are not really popular.

So this time you are going to have your sprouts fried. It’s a good try if you want to impress someone who is not much of a fan. By the way, according to Google, Brussels sprouts are one of the most searched food recipes of 2016. It means that more and more people are interested in tasting this unique dish. So if you want to make your dinner table interesting, if you want to impress your guests and get thumbs up, carefully follow the instructions, get all the ingredients you need and do not forget to watch the tutorial video below. 
We are going to show you how to make most delicious Brussels sprouts you’ve ever had. Most people don’t like this dish and that’s because you’ve never had them this way. The recipe is simple and easy but it’s just about doing it right. We will need some fresh Brussels sprouts, just cut the woody little end off, cut the sprouts in half and take off the outer layer and they’re done.

You are also going to need some nice amount of sliced garlic, some lemons, some salt and pepper and good quality extra virgin olive oil. So what we are going to do first is boil them for couple of minutes. Take a large pot of some water, put some salt and boil Brussels sprouts for three minutes. Most people just boil the life out of them, put them on a bowl and that’s it, no wonder people don’t like this dish, they don’t smell good, don’t taste good and look awful – that’s NOT the way to cook Brussels sprouts. Now back to cooking – cook the sprouts for three minutes, after three minutes, put them on a paper towel to absorb any extra water. Take a skillet, put olive oil in it and wait until it gets hot, because once the sprouts go on a skillet, you want them to get that sizzle immediately, because you want that color, you want that crispness and you want that caramelization to happen as soon as possible. You should not overcook them, they should not be mushy. Once the skillet of oil is hot enough, put the Brussels sprouts in it with the cut side down. Cook them for three minutes on one side, flip them over so the other side gets crispy too. They will be slightly soft but still have a good crunch to them which is exactly what we want.

 Now add some garlic. Cook it with garlic for about a minute, after a minute season it with some salt and some pepper. Let it go for about 2 minutes and add little bit of lemon zest, stir it really good, turn the heat off and that’s it, put them on a bowl, they are ready to eat. Enjoy!

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