The second month of summer brought a lot of sunlight, love and happy moments to KONA. A lot of new costumers discovered us, but the real joy was that we were able to discover a lot of new beautiful souls. Take a look at some of the KONA memories from the first half of July 2021.

KONA Combination…💐🥐☕️

Roses for the special one…🌹

Details matter…🌿🤍

Do you have a remote job ? visit us& enjoy your working hours at KONA ☕️🥐🌾

Happy Birthday KONA

Gift your mom a Kona, so what if it is not mother’s day .. she takes care of you every day… 🌿

New member of KONA community ~ Boni 🤍🌿

Orange Georgina and Monutsela 🌿🧡

Kona has something new for you 🌿 🌿 . Iced tea with lemon and various berry flavors 🥐Croissant with vanilla cream And 🥕Carrot cake with white chocolate 🌿 🌿

Yellow rose and mushroom chamomile… 💛🌿

Mini Konas …🌿🤍

C’est le temps que tu a perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante…🌿

Fresh start of the day at KONA..🌿🥐☕️

Sunshine crisp…🥐🤍

Golden hour at Kona…🌿🤍

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