Rainy October 2021, brought a lot of new memories to KONA. The weather in Tbilisi got colder, the days got shorter and the politics are annoying.

Our favorite peony rose is Back in stock🤍🌿

Coffee anyone ? let’s make it cozier…☕️🍁 🎃

Let’s create better future together 🤍🌿

“Those are pearls that were his eyes”


illustrated by Elene


Save the date..! You will have a chance to attend the presentation of this amazing book-”THE TEMPEST” by William Shakespeare,

illustrated by Elene 🤍

Autumn tones…🍁🤍

Every flower blooms in its own time🌷 Everything in life happens when it is supposed to happen, just give it time🌿

Vanilla basket…🤍🌿

No rain, No flowers…so we love u rainy October🌂🌷🤍

Fall weather essentials…🥐🍁

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