As July days got warmer, the flowers grew bigger, the colors became lighter and Tbilisi a tad bit dizzy. Check out some of the highlights of the second half of the July 2021 at KONA.

Take a look at our beautiful KONAs 🌿🤍

KONA Brunch Hydrangea & Chamomiles..🌿 Cappuccino with cinnamon powder..☕️ Croissant with ham and cheese..🥐

The first Flower&Coffee spot in the city…🌿🤍

Summer breeze…🤍🌿

Orange KONA …🍊

Take your time…🌿🤍

Spend your Sunday at KONA…🌿🤍

If I could share the smell with these photos…🌷

Choice of the day:

*Carrot cake 🥕

*Latte with caramel flavor ☕️

*Peony Rose KONA 🌷

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