A hamburger is probably the most famous sandwich in the world. This American fast food is widely popular in most of the countries. It consists of a pan fried or barbecued patties/ground meat. There are many opinions on whether or not people should eat burgers. Some say that the way it is prepared is wrong and it should be made differently, some say that the combination of the ingredients used in hamburger is not healthy. Yeah, we know, but if we follow all the rules, where’s the fun? We want the taste, we want that smell and the crusty meat between the buns. You know what they say – YOLO, which means You Only Live Once and Yes, we are going to enjoy every minute of it by eating tasty burgers.

As a matter of fact, it is okay to eat a burger or two at a time. The burger should not become the everyday meal though, that’s all. You can even eat more if it’s prepared at home and not in a fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurants kill the whole idea of a good burger. A real hamburger is made of a fresh juicy petty, fresh onions and other ingredients. You just can’t stay clean while eating a burger. Usually your whole mouth and hands are covered in barbecue sauce or ketchup after you eat a burger. No worries, that is the sign of a good hamburger. If your hands are clean, then it was not a burger, it was just an imitation of it. There are very few restaurants that can offer you that. This dish is mostly served with cheese which makes it a cheeseburger. There are many other ingredients, such as tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Different restaurants have their own recipes and they usually come with their “special sauce”. Mostly this sauce is the main and the only ingredient that makes that hamburger so special, but there are a lot of other ways to make a good hamburger and the sauce is not the only thing that differs it from other burgers. Many restaurants use various ways to attract customers. For example, in some places the burger comes with a pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands clean while you eat. A hamburger is one of those foods that often drip and the rubber gloves is a really good idea, but Hey, we want a different taste, not the alternative way to eat it. Some people even enjoy getting their hands dirty, they say that it’s tastier to eat that way.

We decided to search the net to find some exclusive recipes for you guys. We found tons of different ways to make burgers and cheeseburgers, but we wanted something really special, something that would make this American sandwich unique, so we kept on searching. After couple of days of scrolling we discovered one really outstanding one. A burger that can be proudly called – Unique. It is called “ultra-smashed burger”. We tried to make it and to be honest the first attempt was a failure. The burger itself is so mouthwatering that we could not just give up. We had to make it the right way, no matter what. The second attempt did not come out good either. There were several other attempts which still did not satisfy us and suddenly we realized the main problem. It was the tools. We did not use the exact same tools as shown in the video. The funny thing about it is that the guy in the video uses strange tools to make this burger and that’s for a reason. That is what makes this sandwich different from others. He could have used regular kitchen tools to make it, but Hey, here’s the video tutorial, if you want this burger, follow the instructions and everything will be just fine.

To sum up, there is nothing scary or difficult in this recipe, just follow the steps and use the exact same tools. Once we used the right tools, everything went great. It is really easy to make and very delicious. It literally melts in your mouth. So if you’re interested in creating the best burger in your life, keep on reading, follow the instructions and watch the video below.

How to make it

People say that you should never ever smash your burgers. Well today we are going to break that rule and make one of the tastiest burgers in the world. First you want ground beef, the meat should be at least 20% fat. You will also need burger buns, nothing special, just regular buns. You can use whatever you want for a sauce. You will also need onions, pickles (optional) and some American cheese. It has to be an American cheese. Some think that it tastes like plastic, but it melts perfectly and that’s what we need for this burger. We are going to make 2 ounce patties and this way we are maximizing the amount of browned crispy crust on this burger by using 2 patties instead of one. Form patties into small balls. It will take these patties 45 seconds to a minute to cook, so you won’t have any time to put toppings on buns when it’s ready. It’s better to put the sauce on buns before you start frying the patties, because smashed burgers don’t taste good when they get cold. Now back to patties, put them on griddle and do not use oil. Once the patty balls start to fry, press them so they become flat. Wait for 45 seconds and now flip them over, wait for 30 seconds and put a slice of cheese on one patty and cover it with another patty and that’s it. It’s ready to go in to the bun.

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